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Feeding Your Infant: Is There a Right or Wrong Way?

Some moms, especially first time moms, get nervous when it comes to breastfeeding or bottle feeding their baby. Someone may have told her to feed the baby every two hours, someone may have told her every three hours. Her doctor could have said the intervals should increase with age. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to feed your baby. It’s a decision you and your child make as a team. Some babies need more food than others, and some need less. Refusing to feed your baby when he or she seems hungry because of a feeding Read More

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

Maybe you took a pregnancy test at home, maybe you took one at the Lennon Center. Either way, you noticed two little lines or a plus sign. You do a double take. No, this can’t be right. So you check again. You even take another test. Positive. Still positive. You try to talk yourself out of it, there’s just no way. I’m not ready to be a mom. Depending on how far along you are, you have a decision to make. When you find out you’re pregnant you have three options: parent, adoption, abortion. All three choices come with lifelong Read More

Your Parenting Style, Your Choice

There are so many ways to parent a child. No ways are better or worse than the other. There are cultural reasons, biological reasons, religious reasons, and many other reasons one parent might choose something over something else. The beauty of parenting is there is no right or wrong way! Check out this funny and inspirational video depicting how we sometimes treat one another.   Want to figure out your parenting style? Want to learn more about breastfeeding, balance work and parenting, or discipline techniques? Call the Lennon Pregnancy Center today @ 313-277-5637 for information on our parenting classes.

Unplanned Pregnancy: Understand Your Body

Currently, almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned or unintended. -Guttmacher Institute  Let’s change that statistic. Since the beginning of time, women’s bodies were designed to create life. Understanding your bodies and our cycles will enhance your quality of life by enhancing your understanding of yourself. If you understand how your body works, you will be one step ahead of facing an unplanned pregnancy. Did you know a female egg only survives around 24 hours or less once it is released from the ovary? Did you know sperm can live in a woman up to 5 Read More

Handling the Holidays with Little Ones

The holiday  season is fun, but stressful. From family gatherings to gifts under the Christmas tree- there is a lot of planning and preparation needed to keep your family running smoothly. Maybe you’re a single parent? The challenges during the holiday season might be even more stressful because you’re doing it all alone. It doesn’t have to be like this. There are many tips and suggestions to help you coast through the holidays with young children, and even enjoy them! Nothing is more special than seeing the Christmas excitement in your child’s eyes for the first time. The American Psychological Read More

Sleep Workshop: Sweet Dreamzzz

At the Lennon Pregnancy Center, we love to have guest speakers. It’s great to get an expert’s opinion an advice. Last week we had a guest speaker from Sweet Dreamzzz Inc. This class is typically very popular because, as you might guess, every parent wants their baby or child to sleep and stay asleep. But how do we do that? Sweet Dreamzzz believes ‘YOU are the key to getting your child the sleep they require for good health, good behavior and academic performace!’ At first, that can seem like a lot of pressure. However, with their R.E.A.D.Y. Bedtime Routine things Read More

Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods

Knowing when your baby is ready to take the next step and eat solid foods for the first time can be tricky. You may have friends with children who started eating cereal at 4 months, but your child may not be ready until 8 months. The key to figuring out what is right for you and your child is getting to know your baby. You need to learn to observe his or her strengths and weaknesses to figure out the perfect time for solid foods. Many professionals recommend your baby is breastfed or bottle fed for the first twelve months Read More

The Beauty of Breastfeeding

Last month was National Breastfeeding Month. It’s awesome we have decided to raise awareness about this health-giving, life-giving, beautiful service a mother can give to her child. At the Lennon Pregnancy Center, we promote breastfeeding when at all possible. We realize for some mothers it is not an option. But for those who are able to breastfeed, it is by far the best gift you could give to your new child. We often refer to breast milk as ‘liquid gold’, especially right after birth. Breast milk contains important antibodies and vital nutrients for your child. Babies who are breast fed Read More

Lennon Center Walk For Life

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all who attended the Lennon Pregnancy Center’s Annual Walk for Life this weekend. We anticipated around 75 people, and we were not disappointed! All walks of life showed up to celebrate life: clients, donors, community members, friends of friends, and even Zach the office dog! The walk for life began at Ford Field Park in Dearborn, MI. It was just over 1 mile (for those who are not exercise enthusiast or for those with children), it was a perfect length. The Lennon Center decorated the walking path with chalk designs and signs discussing facts about Read More

The Lennon Center Has a New Look!

Change has been in the air around the Lennon Center. Over the summer we have completely redecorated the office, completely re-done our websites, and added a new Special Topics class on Mondays. For us, change is good. A big thanks to the Allen Park Home Depot for donating painting supplies AND man hours to get the job done. We could not have completed the task without their help and expertise. Follow them on Twitter here. We would also like to thank Jacob Roman for our new websites. His volunteer work has made it possible for us to better serve and Read More